Distributed Ledger Technology Solutions

Company Information

Bloxshare Inc. is a technology startup based out of Atlanta which specializes in building distributed ledger technology solutions for the FinTech, Supply Chain and Healthcare domains.  We have extensive domain and technology expertise within our teams and are building products and services for solving some of the specific use cases in these domains.  Our team is comprised of a group of people who have a successful entrepreneur background and proven experience in Product design and development, Microsoft and Open Source Technology solutions and IT systems infrastructure.  Our experience in building robust and scalable products is across the verticals of FinTech (Accounting software, Shareholder communications and Banks/Brokerage systems), Supply Chain (many different sub-verticals in supply chain execution space – high tech, retail, manufacturing (including high end iron & steel processing), perishable goods etc.) and Healthcare (Payers and Providers based solutions).

Management Team

Shane Neighbors
Shane Neighbors
John Layne
John Layne



R3 is a financial innovation firm that leads a consortium partnership with over 75 of the world’s leading financial institutions.  The members work together with R3 to design and deliver advanced distributed ledger technologies to the global financial markets.  Bloxshare is a Certified Application Partner of R3 and was the first partner company to achieve such a certification.


Keystone Logic is a global supply chain services and solutions company.   Their goal is enable the customers to derive significant and sustainable value from their supply chain investments while transforming their supply chains as an engine of future growth.